MACBETH by William Shakespeare

Brandeis University | December 2015

Approaching the classic tragedy as a contemporary kitchen sink drama, this production posits the Macbeths as the charming young couple next door. But with their marriage sinking under the weight of childlessness and obsession, the Macbeths are driven to the brink from which they may never return.

Scenic Design
Ilana Mea Siegel

Lighting Design
Karen Perlow

Sound Design
Arshan Gailus

Costume Design
Samantha Laney

Robert Walsh

w. Ben Astrachan | Yaznil Baez | Talia Bornstein | Caley Chase | Danielle Frankel | Matt Hoisch
Fiona Hyland | Mira Kessler | BT Montrym | Ryan Sands | Dan Souza
Raphael Stigliano
| Jason Theoharis | Kylie Underwood.