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Zoë is a director, dramaturg, producer, collaborator (etc.) based out of Boston, MA.

Recent directing credits include: Lisa Kron’s 2.5 MINUTE RIDE at the Kitchen Theatre Company; Marcia Dixcy’s PYRAMID EFFECT, Melinda Lopez’s WHAT THE MARKET WILL BEAR, and Dennis Porter’s LOST AND FOUND at Williamstown Theatre Festival’s Directing Studio.

Up next, Zoë will be directing Mia Chung’s CATCH AS CATCH CAN, an explosive re-invention of the American family drama, at the Kitchen and Rachel Greene’s MARGARET MY NAME, a new adaptation of four Shakespeare plays chronicling the life of some English kings and—more importantly—Queen Margaret, at Brandeis University.

She is an alumna of Brandeis University, the Williamstown Theatre Festival Directing Corps, and is a proud three time pub trivia champion.

Check her resume for more info about what she’s worked on, where she’s worked on it, and when she was there.